The Cities of the World and the Future of the Metropolis

The 17th edition of the Triennale di Milano was recognised by the BIE on 5 June 1986 and was held between September and December 1988 under the theme “The Cities of the World and the Future of the Metropolis”.

The international exhibition was preceded by several introductory exhibits that attracted attention, including “Nine Projects for Nine Cities – Journey in Italy”, and “Domestic Design.” The exhibition was guided by the members of the executive committee: the thematic section was curated by Mario Bellini and Pierluigi Nicolin, “Beyond the City, the Metropolis” was mounted by Georges Teyssot, and the international section was coordinated by Luigi Mazza.

After an absence of twenty years, the international section was large and varied, thanks to the efforts of a group of architects, historians and city planners who agreed upon an ambitious internationalist and cosmopolitan strategy. International participants, which included Finland, the USSR, the Republic of Korea, Colombia and Ethiopia, among others, provided a fascinating documentation of the contemporary metropolitan phenomena.